Personal income tax

Many Canadians are unaware of some tax deductions and credits they are eligible to claim. Our professional expertise and experience will help to reduce your tax liability.

Business tax

Canada‘s complex and continually changing tax rules and regulations impose signicant burden on businesses to comply with. At iCanTax , we have an expert panel of staff that can help in your your self-employed and corporte taxes filings to give you peace of mind .

Accounting & bookkeeping

We understand as a business owner, tracking your nancial activities may not be your speciality. If that is the case, we are happy to help you out to enable you to fully focus on your business. Sometime it is more costeective option rather than having a dedicated in-house accounting department

U.S & Cross Border Taxation

Canadian citizens. Many Canadian residents own rental properties or earn income in the US. Although you are a resident of Canada, you have a US tax reporting requirement. All income earned in the US